Colin Povey - Scottish Artist
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Biography - Colin Povey

Colin povey

As a young child Povey always had an insatiable desire to paint, and would marvel at the works of other artists in galleries and museums, particularly Monet and Picasso. At school his attention was mainly directed towards drawing and painting.

Povey studied Painting and Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art 2004 – 2008, BA Hons, and was taught by Sandy Moffat, Carol Rhodes, Stuart MacKenzie, and Alex Pollard. The majority of his time in the Mackintosh building was spent on becoming an accomplished oil painter, focusing mainly on landscape and woodland subjects, but he also spent a considerable amount of time in the life drawing room where he attained a great understanding of the human form. He took an interest in the Cubism of Picasso and Braque during this time, and some of their ideas have filtered into his work such as the use of multiple viewpoints within a single image, in place of more traditional ideas of perspective. Povey also studied painting, for a semester in 2006, at the Emily Carr University in Vancouver.

Colin Povey

After graduating, Povey took a job as a driving instructor to provide the security of a reliable wage. Spending so much time on the road giving driving lessons, he started to look at the road with his artistic eye, becoming fascinated with the interaction between pedestrians and traffic, and with the plethora of traffic lights, road signage and markings, parking restrictions and road traffic rules, damage like potholes, and road scarring from past excavations. All these observations are present in Povey's inner city paintings, mainly of Edinburgh and Glasgow. His urban settings show the artist's interest in architecture in the array of imposing buildings and their details, and his interest in painting the human form in the busy, populated streets.

Povey is an accomplished portrait painter, and has also made many abstract works. 

Large scale solo exhibitions include Glasgow Streets 2016/17 at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, where he showed his Glasgow collection, and Colin Povey – Cityscapes 2018, at the Scottish Arts Club, where he showed his Edinburgh collection. He is also part of the Locale Collective, a group of artists he exhibits with annually. His paintings have been animated by animator Scott McHenry in a project to promote Scotland's National Music School. Povey has built up a reputation as a powerful contemporary painter with a broad range of subject matter.