Colin Povey
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Colin Povey (born 1985) is a Scottish artist based in West Lothian. He studied Painting and Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art and received a BA (hons) Fine Art in 2008. In his third year he went on exchange to the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver.

From an early age Povey attended a local art group where he experienced oil painting for the first time. He quickly became passionate about painting and enjoyed going to art galleries to look at paintings so it was natural that he wanted to be an artist.

Povey spent most of his first two years at the GSA in the life room which helped to form his way of looking at the world. Later he took woodland as the main subject for his work because it provided a basic structure for him to improvise on without worrying too much about accuracy in drawing and without going into pure abstraction. It was a good way to learn about how oil paint behaves and about different colour relationships through experimentation.

Povey soon started to populate his landscapes, adding a single figure then several figures. He continually explores the relationship between figure and landscape.

After graduating Povey started working as a driving instructor and became fascinated by roads and how they take us through the landscape and how driving affects our experience of the world. The road has become a prominent feature in his work and has led his painting into more urban environments and eventually into the city.

A lot of Povey's creative energy goes into acting on the stage. He sees the stage as another blank canvas, somewhere to play, invent and create. Instead of moving paint around the canvas he is using his body and voice to express. He often performs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Solo exhibitions in public spaces:

The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

The Central Library Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Filmhouse.


Commercial galleries:

The Lemond Gallery, February 2017, two person show.